Our values

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We don't do egos, we operate with integrity

You are the expert in your business, we are the experts in change and we align our thoughts and suggestions to fit your business needs, not vice versa

We tell you the truth, acting with honesty at all times, and develop trusting, long-standing partnerships with our clients as a result

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We are passionate about being the best we can be

In working to be the best, we challenge our own and our clients entrenched thinking

We encourage difference and open mindedness in pursuit of being even better at all times

We attend to the strategic detail and produce work of a consistently high standard

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We are enterprising, creative & keep it simple

We don’t reinvent the wheel – that would be a waste of your money, but we do like to suggest how things might be different and better.

We seek out the great practices that already exist within our clients’ organisations and ensure these are acknowledged AND we don’t have ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions – we focus bespoke solutions that meet your specific needs, albeit based on best practice.

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We know our stuff & we know what to do when we don't

We share our knowledge, skills and expertise with you openly and happily

We don’t pretend that we can do everything for you and if there is someone else who would be better, we’ll tell you – and we probably have that someone in our wide network

We collaborate with other creative enterprising people to ensure we can meet all your needs

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We grow through developing self awareness

We spend energy, time and money on our own development, that way we figure we can offer you something special and cutting edge, time and time again

We encourage and prize the feedback we get from our clients and will adjust our ‘stuff’ in the moment, if need be, to ensure you always get value add

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We encourage difference and open-mindedness

This underpins all the above - our default button is to be curious about what motivates each individual we work with, for better or worse, and to understand their strengths and contribution at all times

We also encourage other people to seek to really understand those that they work with and to make decisions taking into account alternative perspectives