Sticky Change's
expertise is in steering
business change

Sticky Change's expertise is in steering business change and developing the appropriate organisational climate to make the change stick.

We offer consultancy,
facilitation, training
& coaching

If you are embarking on your journey (or maybe found yourself heading for the wrong port!) we offer consultancy, facilitation, training and coaching to support you in achieving your purpose.

Change is dynamic
and ambiguous

Change is dynamic and ambiguous, it is like sailing across an unpredictable sea, sometimes it's rough and some times becalmed. You feel you're going nowhere?

Get the "Good Stuff" to stick

Sticky Change works with you to get the
'good stuff to stick', by enabling you to:

  • Provide authentic and outcome driven leadership
  • Retain and develop talented people
    Build teams that deliver
  • Embed processes that support a high performance culture
  • Foster the right behaviours
  • Recognise and reward success

We are an Institute of Leadership and Management accredited provider

What we deliver

We can help you manage your change with interventions to meet your needs:

Client comment

“The Sticky Change training programme has enabled our organisational changes to be managed more effectively and implemented more smoothly, than we have ever achieved previously.”

Penny Brown, Head of Learning & Development
Severn Trent Water